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Handstand Workshop

Handstand: the Elixir of Youth.
Join Julianne Rice and Kent Bond for a “One of a Kind” Hand Stand Clinic/Workshop.

Sunday, August 20, 1-3:30pm, $40

Looking for a “fun” afternoon? Bring yourself and your own level of handstand practice. Take this chance to learn about all aspects of building and cultivating the necessary skill sets to “stick” a handstand. 

This class is designed with an arc and a rhythm that allows for a lot of work to get done and a lot of inspiration to be had without over taxing or over fatiguing.

Come learn the bio-mechanical alignment principles that will take you to a whole different level of handstand. Touch on the anatomy involved. Learn how to integrate  and strengthen the engines of your shoulders, back,
core and pelvis to build a steadfast  foundation. 

Practice tried and true exercises and techniques that can help you master a strong and confident arm balance practice.

Individual hands on attention to help you trouble shoot, tune up and improve any existing skill sets you bring to the workshop.

Identify unconscious habits that inhibit your progress and find solutions that can transform your abilities to build a more rewarding practice.

Learn proper breathing methods that will facilitate your efforts.

Take the opportunity to practice variations of handstands and mini-vinyasa sequences to challenge yourself and learn new things.

GET IN HERE! Don’t miss this unique workshop with Julianne and Kent. You will practice, analyze, observe, work, rest, share, grow, laugh and learn. Not sure if it’s the right workshop for you? Give it a try! It all starts with the next best step. There will be no pressure to perform. Work at your own pace and comfort level. 

This workshop is open to teachers, advanced, intermediate and advanced beginning practitioners. 
All participants should have 6 months to a year’s consistent yoga practice.

Do not eat 2 hours prior to class.

Julianne Rice and Kent Bond, both seasoned senior teachers, share a very special interest and expertise in all things “inversions”, especially handstands. They come from similar backgrounds, using the form and alignment of Iyengar Yoga along with the Vinyasa Flow style of Ashtanga yoga. Their dynamic teaching styles maintain structure and momentum while attending to the particular needs of each individual.

Teaching special focus workshops (i.e. Handstand, Headstand, Shoulderstand, Arm Balances, Partner Yoga) for 20 plus years independently from each other they are coming together to combine their energies and talents for this special YIY Workshop.

Leading and/or contributing widely in Yoga Teacher Trainings, they specialize in support yoga teachers, teacher trainees and students in beginning, cultivating and advancing their inversion practices.

Kent Bond, creator of Willow Glen Yoga in San Jose, CA, is a well-respected Yogi living in the Bay Area. Kent developed a singular teaching style that is informative, challenging and uplifting, and has in experience many years of teaching, practice and study in several lineages of Yoga. He has extensive and ongoing studies in the White Lotus tradition with Ganga White and Tracey Rich, including advanced and undergraduate teaching certifications. In addition, he holds certification from Erich Schiffmann and has trained with numerous emerging masters including Duncan Wong, Robert Brook and Russell Kai Yamaguchi. Kent leads specialized workshops in the USA and Europe and is an ongoing member of the White Lotus Foundation teacher training staff.

Kent uses the form and alignment of Iyengar Yoga with the vinyasa style of Ashtanga, rooted in the inspiration and philosophy garnered from the White LotusFoundation. His dynamic teaching style maintains structure and momentum while attending to the particular needs of each individual. Encouraging the concept of Chikitsa (Yoga therapeutics) and utilizing breath as the principle vehicle to move the body Kent invites you to discover and move your awareness to deeper levels.

Kent also holds a Master’s Degree in Painting from UC Berkeley, and a Fine Arts Degree from the California College of Arts and Crafts. He enjoys making the marriage between the disciplines of Yoga and artistry, and his classes are laced with a sense of humor.


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