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Meditation for Beginners

with Mojdeh. Sunday, September 17, 1-3pm, $45

Meditation is a process that involves making a time on a daily basis to cultivate inner quiet by consistently being present to our breath. When we pay attention to the breath we feel connected. A quality of expansion occurs that is beyond the limited domain of mind’s fluctuation.  Finding ourselves in that expanded space of the present moment is what meditation is all about.
The benefits of mediation are endless: calm the mind, reduce stress, improve concentration, cultivate peacefulness, increase intuition, and so much more.
In this workshop we will explore simple techniques to develop a meditation practice. We will learn to observe our mind by consistently being present to our breath. We will learn how to focus the mind through the mechanism of breathing. As our focus elevates, we enter the stage of concentration (Dharana). According to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Dharana is a series of techniques that prepares the practitioner for meditation.  After a sustained period of concentration the mind enters a state of steadiness and presence that we call meditation or Dhyana.

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