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Marti  Foster


Marti has been an influential educator of Yoga and Meditation in the SF Bay Area since 1986. A senior certified instructor, she joined the YIY teaching staff in 1999 and continues to build her loyalty to the practice and to our community.

She has earned popular acclaim for supporting the growing families at YIY. Her Prenatal Yoga and Baby & Me (Postnatal Yoga) classes fill the studio with joy and inspiration each week.

Women dedicated to aging brilliantly into their golden years rave about Marti’s “Sage Women Yoga”. You are sure to make new friends in this unique and inspiring class. Her commitment to helping seniors began in 2011 when she lead the Yoga Program For Seniors at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, CA.

Marti welcomes questions and feedback in regard to her classes and workshops at YIY. Email:

She credits her unique teaching style to this carefully selected team of health experts and certification programs: Dr. Baxter Bell, Dr. Judith Lasaster, Dr. Walt Baptiste, Eric Schiffman, and the renowned Jane Austin in San Francisco.