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Ping  Tsai


Ping started his yoga journey in 2014, attended yoga teacher training at Mizizi Yoga in Palo Alto, and became a Yoga Alliance Certificated Yoga Teacher. Daily yoga practice is one of the essential elements for him to find balance in life with a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Ping enjoys a day of being playful, confident, and grateful with inner peace in this crazy world.

Studied in Biomedical Engineering at George Washington University, Ping has had intensive training and deep understanding in human anatomy, physiology, and exercise mechanics. His focus is to help you release tension and stress in your body through teaching ergonomic yoga. In his classes, Ping provides breathing exercises, hands-on assistance, and anatomical structure and movement analysis along with demonstrations.

Ping is always enthusiastic in exploring and learning about human body. He was a dancer for DC Cowboys Dance Company, fundraising for AIDS/HIV foundations in Washington DC area. He danced with National Chung Cheng University Modern Dance Team. Ping has been an aerobics teacher, a group exercise instructor, and a personal trainer. In his younger age, Ping attended many Buddhism and Confucianism classes with his family, where he learned to practice a life of compassion, kindness, and gratitude toward others.

Ping’s classes help strengthen and relax your body, clear your mind, and open your heart, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and connecting with others. He loves to make his classes energetic, rejuvenating, refreshing, and most importantly, fun!