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Sanjana  Raghunath


My goal is to help people create an internal space where the chatter of the mind can fall away into silence. This silencing helps us reclaim the mental energy that dissipates amidst the chaos of a distracted mind. We can then purposefully redirect that energy towards things we want to do. Yoga shows us that the creation of this space comes from aligning the body and mind. And the first step to gaining this super-power comes from aligning body with breath.

My teaching style lies in the functional alignment of the body and its energies, and cultivating conscious awareness of the breath.

I've had the opportunity to teach a diverse age group - from tenth graders in India, to college students at Stanford, to people in their 25-55s in corporate offices in the Bay Area, to senior students at the Cupertino Senior Center. I adapt the principles of Ashtanga to serve the different groups.

I have had the opportunity to learn from people who have dedicated their lives to the exploration of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga like David Swenson, Ty Landrum, Tim Feldman, Leigha Nicole, Kirsten and Mitchell. I am fortunate to be able to learn from Beata, Meghan and Anne as my daily teachers here in the Bay Area.