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Wei  Li

click Wei was first introduced to the Ashtanga practice while studying at the University of Virginia in 2014. Wei began her daily Mysore practice there with John Bultman, and since then, the practice has become a vital aspect of her life. She started studying with Magnolia Zuniga at Mysore SF in 2016 and began assisting Magnolia on a daily basis in 2018, deepening her understanding of the practice. Wei has made several trips to Mysore, India, to study with her teacher, Sharath Jois, and she received the blessing to teach in 2019. She is an authorized Level II instructor. During her studies in Mysore, Wei was responsible for interpreting Lakshmish's Sanskrit Level I and Hatha Yoga Pradipika classes from English to Chinese on multiple occasions, which helped her gain a deeper understanding of Sanskrit and yoga philosophy. After the pandemic, Wei built connections with senior teachers Angela Jameson and Andrew Hillam, and she has been practicing under their guidance. For the past three years, Wei has been teaching a daily Mysore practice in Chongqing, China, and she is delighted to share the practice with others.