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Taught in the tradition of Iyengar Yoga, this class is beginner-friendly and particularly good for students with some familiarity with yoga. Prior knowledge and/or experience in Iyengar Yoga is not required. Keeping basic props handy for class is strongly encouraged. (Please refer to the prop info.)

Our approach emphasizes proper alignment and cultivation of strength, flexibility, stamina and balance through practice of varying categories of asanas — standing, seated, twists, inversions, forward bends, back bends and restoratives. 

Sometimes, our focus will be on pranayama (breath meditation) and restoratives.

Through regular practice, we aim for not just physical health but also calm and emotional resilience.

Consider having the following for optimal class experience, especially if you are new to yoga. Don’t worry if you don’t start out with everything in place. 

Kinda necessary:

  • Yoga mat (I think the sweet spot is about 3-4 mm in thickness. I have used Jade, Manduka, Tapas, etc. They are all decent. Be prepared to experiment.)
  • Yoga blocks (Please get the firm ones from Hugger Mugger or cork blocks. The cheapest ones from Amazon…well, let us just say you get what you pay for.)
  • Several blankets – I recommend proper yoga blankets (either acrylic, wool or cotton, they need to be firm when folded and of good size). In a pinch, thick bath or beach towels also work.
  • Yoga belt or any kind of belt – I would suggest 10-ft belts from Hugger Mugger. Other brands have longer lengths as well. Bathrobe belts can do the trick as well.

Nice to have:

  • Yoga chair or other sturdy chair – preferably without armrests and light enough that you can easily pick it up
  • Yoga bolster – couch or other firm cushions are good alternatives


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