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Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and challenging form of hatha yoga. Each pose is linked to the next through a series of connecting movements called vinyasa, allowing the body to create heat and leading to more flexibility. Smooth, deep breathing (ujjayi), gaze (dristi) and locks (bandhas) are synchronized with the movements. This powerful and vigorous practice purifies and realigns the body, cultivating a feeling of inner peace, and leading to a natural state of meditation.

Ashtanga Foundations

This classes introduces students to the basic concepts and poses of the Ashtanga Yoga Series in a gentle, safe, and effective way. Basic philosophy is introduced along with an introduction to the sun salutations, standing poses, and some seated postures.
Extra time and attention are devoted to the breathing techniques and to establishing correct alignment within each posture. This class is designed to give the practitioner a firm and solid foundation in the practice, and is a great class for those new to the
series or the experience student who seeks a class devoted to detailing their existing ashtanga practice.

Beginning/Intermediate Ashtanga

This class builds on the basic introduction given in Ashtanga Foundations class, adding further intergration of breath and movement to the detailing of poses in the Foundations classes. In these classes all poses from the first half of the Primary Series are covered with variations for those newer to the practice. This class is recommended for those who have a strong background in yoga, athletics, or dance, or those who have had a comfortable experience in the Ashtanga Foundations class.

Ashtanga Yoga –  Led Primary Series

“1% is theory and 99% is practice.” – K. Pattabhi Jois

This is the full Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series taught in the tradition of K. Pattabbi Jois of Mysore, South India. The class is recommended for students that are comfortable in the Intermediate Ashtanga class. Emphasis is on pace and breath rather than alignment, which is worked on all the other Ashtanga classes.

Ashtanga Yoga – Mysore Style Self-Practice (see also the Mysore-style page)

Mysore classes are Ashtanga classes taught as they are taught by Sri K. Patthabi Jois in Mysore, India. The classes are self-paced, so that the student has the opportunity to find and follow their own breath. The teacher spends one-on-one time with each student, giving adjustments and moving them forward at a pace suitable to their strengths and abilities. Students of all levels practice together. If you are new to Ashtanga yoga it is recommended that you attend a few of the led classes above before trying a Mysore-sytle class.

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