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Ashtanga Yoga

In these classes students will be provided a step-by-step approach to learn Ashtanga VinyasaPrimary Series. The asana in the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are curative in nature. They are also referred to as Yoga Chikitsa (purification). When we practice Ashtanga Vinyasa we start a purification process. We purify the body by practicing the physical asana. We purify the nervous system by the mechanism of Ujjayi, or Victorious Breath. We purify the mind by disciplining the mind to be focused on one thing at the time as we focus on the gazing point or the Drishti in each posture. The intent is to demystify all the postures in the series and try to learn the essence of each pose, rather than being too focused on how the poses look. At the beginning of the class we willexplore some of the curative aspect of a particular pose and at the end students will enjoy a guided deep healing relaxation. This class is available to all levels of students.

Ashtanga Foundations
This classes introduces students to the basic concepts and poses of the Ashtanga Yoga Series in a gentle, safe, and effective way. Basic philosophy is introduced along with an introduction to the sun salutations, standing poses, and some seated postures.
Extra time and attention are devoted to the breathing techniques and to establishing correct alignment within each posture. This class is designed to give the practitioner a firm and solid foundation in the practice, and is a great class for those new to the series or the experience student who seeks a class devoted to detailing their existing ashtanga practice.

Beginner/Intermediate Ashtanga class
This class builds on the basic introduction given in Ashtanga Foundations class, adding further intergration of breath and movement to the detailing of poses in the Foundations classes. In these classes all poses from the first half of the Primary Series are covered with variations for those newer to the practice. This class is recommended for those who have a strong background in yoga, athletics, or dance, or those who have had a comfortable experience in the Ashtanga Foundations class.

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