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Iyengar with Yoon

Safe, well-aligned asana (posture) practice to avoid injuries now and in the future, guided step by step! Modified according to your ability and any existing injuries.

Iyengar differs from other approaches in three main ways:

•  Its emphasis on precise alignment. This helps students dissolve stubborn physical and psychological blocks. It also helps beginning students gain a good understanding of yoga’s poses.

•  The use of props — such as blocks, chairs, blankets and belts — to help students towards proper alignment while inside a range of motion safe and effective for their individual bodies.

•  Holding the poses longer as the student advances. The body thus becomes more and more purified by the poses as the student’s practice progresses.

While the poses in Iyengar are similar to the poses in Ashtanga and other schools, there is no set series of poses utilized in each and every class. Besides poses, a class usually includes a relaxation period and, perhaps, some separate breath work.

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