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YiY Community Giving Project

This is Flow for Strength class, a very active, grounded and graceful flow practice emphasizing core and upper body strengthening without sacrificing attention to detail. It is appropriate for all levels with modifications for beginning, intermediate and advanced variations. It is a class that develops strength that will support anyone in the deepening and improvement of their Ashtanga practice. Time for handstand practice and/or preparation for handstand practice will always be included. Other inversions will be introduced methodically. Students will never be expected to do anything they do not feel ready for. Optional preparation exercises will always be made available. A short time will be allotted for pranayama and meditation at the end of each class.
For the next couple of months (until the end of December) we will be giving 100% of the monies collected for our Thursday 7:15pm class to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund to assist those affected by the wildfires there.
We will accept your chosen amount of donation at the beginning of each (Thursday 7:15pm – 8:45pm) class. The payment method will need to be different/separate from your regular advance class purchase package. Come prepared with cash, check or credit card. Any amount is very much appreciated.
Thanks for helping us make an impact.
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