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About us

USWelcome to Yoga is Youthfulness, family-owned studio that provides high-quality yoga that is friendly, open, and attentive to beginning students, while also being a destination for advanced practitioners.

A yoga practitioner for over 20 years, the co-founder of YIY, Joseph Hentz opened our studio after he personally experienced how yoga had helped him to develop greater self-awareness, resilience and a healthier body, mind and spirit. In 1999, Joseph decided to open YIY to bring this outstanding practice to more people in his community. 

As the Covid 19 Pandemic devastated yoga community around us, as well as around the world, we saw a lot of small and big yoga studios close. YiY had to close it’s physical location in 2021 and move onto the online classes only. In March 2022 we are opening for in person classes. 


I appreciate you kept yoga is youthfullness real. An authentic place to calm one’s heart, soul and mind in the middle of intense, too busy Silicon Valley. – L.
I just wanted to take a moment and say a very big THANK YOU to you and everyone at YIY.  I’ve been away 3 weeks now and whilst I have met and practiced with many qualified and experienced teachers at beautiful studios with open arms and hearts, none of them come close to YIY.
The knowledge as well as insight from years of practice and study and continued openness to learn from established practitioners and along side students is a true reflection of what it means to live a yogic life.  Coupled with the perspectiveness to understand that everyone is at different places in their yoga practice and the humbleness to breakdown posses and talk to the basics, and how yoga is a life choice and not just a class, makes YIY a studio that’s hard to beat.
I can’t wait to be back in Mountain View & back in class 🙂 – C

Simplicity, consistency, community. I love that the front desk is not cluttered. I appreciate that there is a board for updates, but other than that, everything else remains the same. That predictability and consistency feels very supportive of the kind of energy I am intending to cultivate when I practice yoga. I value the opportunity to connect with and serve the community as a steward. It’s clear that a lot of thought and energy have gone into creating the kind of environment that will truly nourish this yoga community. And of course, the teachers are brilliant and wildly inspirational. – A.

No frills and very down to earth studio with great instructors, particularly Julianne Rice – E

Super friendly, welcoming, warm, safe community. Great assists and non-judgmental space! – Sarah

The richest ashtanga program on the peninsula. Depth of teachers. Committed students. Caring and supportive. – Ken

Great teachers that teach yoga closer to its roots than gym yoga. Friendly environment. Close by. – S

I went to class for the first time after not having done yoga in a while. I did not realize it was a Begin/Intermediate class. Mojdeh made me feel welcomed and corrected my poses. I feel more inspired to continue yoga and will be going to a beginners class. I also noticed that it was very clean. I am looking forward to coming to the studio more regularly. – A