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  • Morning Mysore 2007
Mysore October 2013

Morning Mysore Ashtanga practice captured by one of our students, Danielle Tsi.

Diwali Celebration 2012

Diwali Celebration class, November 13, 2012 led by Katrin Kuttner with drums and flutes by Mark Reinheimer.

Office Yoga

Photoshoot done by Mike Winokur in 2004, postures by Philippe Alexis

Morning Mysore 2007

YiY E-Newsletter Working Gallery

Pix for E-Newsletter & Website

Kids Yoga

Images taken on transition class between beloved YiY Kids Yoga instructor Krassi Davis and new instructor Antonia Kao\'s tenures.

Morning Mysore Calendar Project

Photos of Morning Mysore practices by Dave Hamilton & Antonia Kao. Wendy Spies will be doing graphic design. YiYers: We\'d love to know which images stand out for you to take into consideration as we move forward conceptualizing and realizing the calendar. Simply spot-select favorites.