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Karma for Kids

We are very pleased to announce that we are a KarmaForKids studio! KarmaForKids is a unique and dynamic way for yoga practitioners to dedicate their yoga practice for three months to benefit Camp Okizu an oncology camp for children who suffer from cancer. While providing a summer camp experience for Northern California’s children, KarmaForKids participants will also have the opportunity to re-dedicate themselves to the improvement of their own practices and have the satisfaction of reaching the goals they’ve set for themselves while making a direct difference in the life of a child with cancer.

Consistency and dedication are two of the key elements of a successful yoga practice. One of the main obstacles to achieving this is, much like training for a marathon, or a century bike race, is motivation and commitment. That is why KarmaForKids was so successful in it’s first year! By practicing either 15, 30, 60 or the extremely challenging 90 days of yoga in the three-month time frame of September 1st – December 1st 2003 and raising funds to support your KarmaForKids commitment you’ll become part of a very special group helping to make Camp Okizu possible.

How does it work?

From September 1st to December 1st yogis and yoginis (that’s you!) choose to practice a specified number of classes within the 90 day time period and raise a minimum of $1,000 to go the Okizu foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

You commit to practicing one of the following increments:

* 15 classes to be completed in 90 days
* 30 classes to be completed in 90 days
* 60 classes to be completed in 90 days
* 90 classes to be completed in 90 days

When you sign up, you receive your ‘good karma card’, which allows you to keep track of how many classes you have completed. If the tradition you practice is meditative or done within your home, no worries, just mark down each time you practice in honor of KarmaForKids.

For more information please contact the studio or KarmaForKids directly at:

The Okizu Foundation
16 Digital Drive
Novato CA 94949
Land: 415.382.1503

“Yoga teaches us how to be present in our lives. Aliveness–being present right now–is precisely the gift that Camp Okizu gives to children with life-threatening illnesses. Supporting KarmaForKids is a beautiful way to deepen our practice, build community among yogis, and do some extremely valuable karma yoga. It’s a win for everyone, and we’re honored to be a part of it.”

-Phil Catalfo, Senior Editor, The Yoga Journal