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Intro to Mysore Style Ashtanga

Sunday, January 26,  1-3pm, with Anne Namur. $40. 
Get One Month of Unlimited Mysore classes for just $200 (with workshop attendance, to be purchased at the workshop).

Have you been curious about the early morning Mysore style classes at Yoga is Youth? Have you wanted to attend for some time but been unsure of how to start? Would you like to have a better understanding of how the class works?

Join us for this workshop, designed to address the transition to practicing Mysore style Ashtanga yoga.

In this special class, we will talk about the essential components of a Mysore style practice, its immediate and long term benefits, and how practicing in this way fits in the yoga tradition. We will give you a sense of the more subtle developments allowed in this setting and style of class that don’t necessarily happen in other yoga classes.

We will also give you the basic building blocks to move through the elemental Ashtanga postures in a safe and sensible fashion so that you will feel comfortable attending Mysore style classes at this studio or anywhere in the world. 

All levels welcome.

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