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Intro to Yoga Fundamentals

One Month, 9 classes, Calmer Mind, Better Sleep, Stronger Body, Better Overall Tomorrow.

Tuesday and Thursday, August 1st – 29th, 7:15pm – 8:30 pm. Regular class prices apply (New to YiY students can take advantage of one time offer of 5 classes for $50). No need to register for a series. Come to one or nine. Those who come 4 or more times to the Intro class, will receive $30 discount off the package of 5, 10 or One Month Unlimited classes purchased in September 2013, after the Intro series of classes. $30 discount is not available with any other discount or promotion. See our prices here.

Everybody, even doctors, tells you that yoga is good for you these days, but nobody really tells you where to start. Or you might have even tried a yoga class or two but felt totally lost because everybody in the class except you seemed to know what they were doing. The Intro to Yoga Fundamentals is designed to rescue you.

We at Yoga Is Youthfulness believe that everyone can practice yoga: young, old, tall, short, light, heavy, flexible, not so flexible…..If you are thinking that you are not flexible enough to practice yoga, it would be like saying that you are too dirty to take a shower. All one needs is the willingness to be present with one’s own breath. The Intro to Yoga Fundamentals classes are designed for both beginners and those who want to re-orient themselves with the basic foundations of yoga in a safe and supportive environment.

This series of nine 75-minute classes will provide you with the tools you need to be safe and have fun in your yoga practice.  Your teachers will break down common yoga poses and sequences while also touching on yoga philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques in plain English so that you will develop:

·   a deeper connection to your physical body, and how to assimilate each pose to your body’s limitations.

·   an increased understanding of how to connect your breath with movement, and why is it important to breathe.

·   confidence in your practice, no matter what style you will practice, seeing benefits in your health and how you feel.

·   a greater sense of well-being; improved mental clarity and greater body awareness. You will experience for yourself why and how yoga makes you feel better and why so many people walk out of the practice room happy.

This series will include opportunities for group discussions, demonstrations and hands-on adjustments in addition to a guided practice to provide you with a solid yoga foundation.

This series is designed for anyone new to yoga, Yoga is Youthfulness, or established students interested in reconnecting to the fundamentals of their yoga practice.

What you will do today, may improve all your tomorrows!


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