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New Classes

We are adding few exciting new classes to our schedule starting in November, to balance your life and to find peace in the craziness of the Holiday Seasons. 

Eden Edell will be teaching Day Centering Flow 12-1pm on Tuesdays, starting November 5th.

Are you yearning for peace and equilibrium in the middle of a busy day? Eden’s class will ease you into the afternoon hours with a soothing yet strengthening flow-based class. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or are a more advanced practitioner, you’ll find Eden’s gentle energy a soul-balancing tonic. After the opening guided meditation and warm-up, an invigorating sequence of standing poses focuses on movement as meditation with an emphasis on breath and attention to alignment. The class ends with a relaxing cool down and Savasana that will get you ready, relaxed, focused, and feeling invigorated to go back to work and enjoy the day. 


Marjorie Woodbury will be offering Flow and Deep Stretch break 12-1pm on Thursdays, starting November 7th. 

Marjorie’s lunchtime Flow & Deep Stretch class is perfect for getting your mid-day workout and mind-clearing relaxation in one. The teachings are focused on coming into the present moment, letting go, and receiving the full benefits of your practice. The flow portion of class focuses on working the muscles and activating the breath. The deep stretch portion of class stimulates the connective tissues and aids the joints. This efficient combination is the secret sauce to gaining flexibility and finally getting into that yoga pose that has been eluding you! 
Ken and Elaine will offer David Roche’s Adapted Series, 7-8:30am Tuesday and Thursday, starting November 5th.
The Adapted Series was created by David Roche, a certified Ashtanga instructor in his 70’s with a background in Modern Dance and Hatha Yoga. It is based on Ashtanga with concepts from Tom Myers’ “Anatomy Trains” (myofascial lines). The Adapted Series is less strenuous than the Ashtanga Primary Series. It is appropriate for someone who is injured, pregnant, older, or otherwise physically stressed, or who finds the Primary Series too challenging as a daily practice, whether temporarily or longer term.
Julianne will add another Meditation by donation class, making it two meditations on Tuesday and Thursday7:10-7:30pm. Come join and leave centered, relaxed and in control of your mind.
Sage Women Yoga class with Marti is growing and we are adding another class on Thursdays 5:45-7pm, in addition to the Tuesday class.
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