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The Positive Page

Welcome  to  our  space  for  some  inspirational  and  positive  thoughts.

 In these trying times of ‘social distancing,’ we hope to promote social solidarity and community online. Together, we’ll get through this. And the image, so unbelievable right now, of all of us doing yoga together, at the studio, will become a reality. Again.

We invite you to share any thoughts, stories, resources and ideas that this time brought as a positive change, as a smile for you. Something that maybe you didn’t have time to do before COVID-19 or haven’t thought of in the past.  
Please share it in the comments below. 

Some of the basic things we should be full of gratitude for, and sometimes take for granted:
Our Health.
Health of our family members.
Making it through this time of isolation, with online connections.
The nature around us, available hikes and walks.
Our resilience.
The weather in the Bay Area, to enjoy all the outdoors, safely.
Yoga, available anytime, anywhere. 
The internet to have access to all things we miss, shopping, yoga, friends, zoom.

Some of the things you might miss once we get back to “normal”:

Lack of traffic.
Lots of time to enjoy nature, listen to birds, without checking your clock.
Lots of quality time with your partner, kids. 
Time to cook dinner.
Slowness in the air, uncharacteristic to Bay Area.
Ability to not change your pj and not leave the house for a day or longer, without anyone noticing. 

Some of the things we will not miss:

Working from home while managing your kids online learning.
Social Distancing.
Not being able to give a hug to your friend.
Not being able to do backyard barbecue with the neighbors.
Not being able to take your kids for Trick or Treat and run around with other kids.
Social Distanced or lack of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with family.

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  1. Alan says:

    I am warmed by the number of people—especially pairs of people [couples] and families with children—who are out for a walk together. And the number of those people who smile at us when we go for a walk together. And how courteous and pleasant everyone is. I fervently hope that this seeming-newfound gentleness, this togetherness in our social isolation, this outpouring in the form of online concerts and classes and seminars, will continue once life returns to normal and we can be join each other again for concerts and classes and seminars. May the social isolation of this time lead to a renewed coming together, to a crumbling of the walls between us.

  2. Simeet J Gandhi says:

    I’m grateful for the care and humanity and kindness shown by many during this crisis period…and appreciate the online classes from YiY teachers, and everyday kindness shown by people…and hopefully when this pause of normal life is over and life slowly gets back to normal people everywhere find new appreciation and joy in the things we usually take for granted.

  3. stephanie says:

    I have been able to meditate more and do yoga which has dramatically helped me with my anxiety and depression.

  4. Thank you Sabina and all for keeping at YIY alive during this pandemic. 🙏 You had to stay positive.

    Many studios have not been able.

    I have been teaching Live Yoga online as well while enjoying the silver linings you mentioned above.

    AND It will be FABUOLUS when we can meet in person again at YIY and beyond.

    Patricia 🌺

  5. Very impressed with your overview on this topic! Thanks for your advice!

  6. Sophie Hill says:

    So needed this right now! How can I sign up to a live class?

    • sabina says:

      Dear Sophie,
      So glad you found this page helpful to you. We will get through this. This time right now is even harder than it was in the beginning. It’s been long long time. Join our community. Please check our home page to sign up for any classes or here Once you click on sign up it will take you to create your account. Few of our classes are free or “pay what you can” option is available as well. And if you can, appreciate your support further.

      Be well and stay healthy and safe.

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