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Sound Healing Immersion

Saturday, August 23, 6 – 8:30pm.

Please come experience how sound can help you feel better on the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.  If you’ve yet to experience being “bathed in intentional, healing sounds,” this might be a real treat!  Immersion in this special mix of vibrations can produce brainwave frequencies that relieve stress, lift mood, remove psychological blocks, decrease physical pain, and realign us with our natural state of “flow.”  Commonplace experiences include: deep states of peace, expanded awareness, enhanced energy and vitality, and various levels of healing.

Together, we will co-create a sonic template to release whatever no longer represents who we are or choose to be, and call forth our preferred state of being and reality experience.  You’ll be bathed in a unique potpourri of music, tones, and other mysterious and rejuvenating sounds, created specifically to match your intention and the state you arrive in that day, while laying in restorative pose.  In addition to both feminine and masculine voices, the soothing, penetrating and purifying sounds of crystal and Tibetan bowls, Indian shruti box, Native American flute, Australian didgeridoos, and various drums, rattles and chimes will likely carry you to a pleasant, altered state of consciousness.

Often, all sense of time (and even space) drop away, liberating participants from concerns, stress, and feelings of lack, loneliness or separation…evoking an expansive experience of being, oneness, and serenity that can defy description.  Some may journey shamanically — ie, have a sense of “dreaming while awake” or being transported to far-away realms, to a space of clarity and ease, comfort and relief, and to higher insights and guidance.  Or, the primal vibrations may surface important yet forgotten dreams or memories, things we’re carrying that no longer serve us, that which is not aligned with our intention, or that which is otherwise ready to be healed, known more fully, transmuted or released.

The only thing that’s truly certain is that your experience will be unpredictably unique and uniquely yours.  Yet, however it unfolds for you, whatever is ready in you will likely be revealed….






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