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Teacher of the Month: Rebecca Snowball

Rebecca’s class – Anusara Yoga on Thursdays, 5:45 pm.

Men drew Rebecca to yoga!  What?  Yes, Rebecca’s room-mate, Michael Franklin, begged Rebecca to try yoga for 3 years before she finally caved! The two hopped on bikes and rode to downtown Palo Alto for class with Catherine De Los Santos!  It was an eye-opening day!  Then, another friend, another Mike, encouraged Rebecca to take class with Marti Foster at Gold’s gym!  She fell in love with yoga. While men drew Rebecca to yoga, it was the profound awakening to her True Self that kept her there! She is passionate about helping men and women experience more energy, balance, playfulness and freedom in their every day lives with yoga!

Rebecca Snowball is a certified Vinyasa  and licensed Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher.  She received her first teaching certificate from Ganga White and Tracy Rich of the White Lotus Yoga Foundation  and is continuing her education to become certified, by John Friend, in Anusara yoga.

Rebecca teaches Anusara yoga, a hatha yoga system founded by John Friend.  Anusara became an official yoga system in 1997 and is now the fastest growing yoga in the world.   Rebecca was drawn to this system due to the elegant Universal Principles of  Alignment, which created exceptional strength and  freedom in her yoga practice. In 2008, after a profound teacher training with Stacey Rosenberg, followed by Teacher Training level II, with John Friend, Rebecca committed to teaching this amazing, loving, and heart-opening yoga.

After her first yoga class, Rebecca found her passion and began her quest to share what she is learning with the world. In the year 2000, she created Yoga Soul, her yoga business. She currently teaches group, private and corporate classes. Rebecca enjoys blending yoga, dance, and live music in special events and workshops.


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