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To the Core Workshop

with Julianne Rice, Sunday, July 28, 1:30-3:30pm. $45

If there is no core, there is no back, there is no stability, there is no proper posture. Weak muscles and postural alignment problems lead to back pain.  Are you ready to strengthen your core yet?

Come approach this workshop with eyes wide open and a mind ready to take on the heart and soul of your body’s strength: your core.
The first 20 minutes will be dedicated to learning and practicing the details of the correct body mechanics of working the core muscles. Learn to work in a way that will provide you with knowledge to help prevent injuries. The rest of the class will be practice practice practice. Practice core exercises and postures while seated, while standing, on the hands and knees, in plank, while side bending and twisting, on the back and lying on the stomach. You can be sure that counter stretching and short rest periods will keep this practice balanced. Guaranteed to feel the effects of this practice in the days following the workshop and be able to apply its results to your future yoga practice as well as various daily activities and overall health. Come challenge yourselves to your next level. All welcome
Exception: this workshop is not for those with moderate/severe chronic low back issues.

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