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Yoga for Core Strength

with Julianne Rice.  Sunday, August 2, 1:30-3:30pm, $35     The key is flexible strength. Yoga builds strong, balanced abdominal muscles in a healthy, wholistic way.core-strength-vinyasa-yoga
While some people think that building core strength primarily includes doing sit ups, planks and long and exhausting crunches – there’s more to it than that and it can be approached with less stress. Not to say that all of the things just mentioned aren’t valuable ways to tone and develop – they are. What we will explore, however, in this workshop is paying very close attention to the “way” we practice them. Julianne will explain the key muscles of the core and their associated actions and you will be coached to work ‘smart’ as well as ‘hard’ in order to reach a new level of integrated core strength. Yoga teaches that in order to work most effectively the abdominal region strengthens from an engaged yet relaxed state. It can then excellently do the job it is most naturally designed to do – support vital organs and stabilize the skeleton.
Focusing on working from an engaged yet relaxed state, we wil practice various core strengthening exercises – some familiar, some perhaps not so familiar. We will practice different flow series designed to help tone the torso and incorporate the desired core actions. We will also be introduced to and/or revisit some poses that help develop overall strength.
This sometimes challenging area of physical well being can prove to be a place where you can apply all that you have learned up to this point both in your yoga practice on your mat and in your life. I hope that you will join me for this time dedicated to focused work and reflection. Some yoga experience recommended.Core Workshop

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