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Yoga Practice with Injuries

workshop with Anne Finstad, Sunday, February 25, 1-3pm, $40.

If you practice yoga for long enough, you will inevitably meet a time when you feel like you can’t practice due to injury. Sometimes we are injured doing yoga, but more often than not we get hurt outside the practice of yoga. Whether it’s your back, knee or shoulder. What do you do then? Should we still practice yoga then?

In this workshop we will talk about how practicing with an injury can be transformative, not just changing how we look at the practice of yoga, and how we see the yoga itself, but how practicing when injured can help us build a better relationship with both our body and our mind. We will cover in this workshop when to practice, when to modify your practice, how to modify your practice, and when to stop.

We will also talk about pain physiology and how understanding pain physiology can aid in/ accelerate your healing.
Join us to learn how proper calm attention can help transform injuries into profound teachings about our own body and practice. All levels and styles are welcome.
About Anne: Through 20 years of practice and 15 years of teaching the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Anne Finstad has been especially focused on the healing side of practicing yoga. In dealing with her own stiff body, a car accident, and back pain exacerbated by childbirth, she came to a deeper understanding of what yoga can mean.  In studying with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois while injured, she experienced first hand how they would use the practice in a therapeutic way. Further study in the West in Spiral Release Bodywork, anatomy and pain physiology added to her understanding of the body and mind, and further supported how important mind and movement can be in the healing equation. She believes in yoga as a healing practice, and is committed to supporting students in their own healing, wherever that process might take them.

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